Fosimo  v.1.1.1

Fosimo was created to offer you the possibility to keep track of all the changes on your Facebook account. Update status, synchronize friends with OUTLOOK, upload photos. Be notified instantly with your friends status updates.

Delicer  v.0.9.5

Delicer is a software for managing tags and posts easily.Delicer Features: 1. Yahoo ID support. 2. oAuth authentication support. 3. Manage your whole delicious account. 4. Easily search for your own tags and navigate through URLs


HHOTT View  v.1.0

HHOTT View is a free browser add-on that lets the general web browsing public safely preview links and web content without clicking or leaving the current web page, so one can browse the web safer and faster than ever.

Fosimo.TR  v.

Fosimo.TR helps keep track on your Twitter: Fosimo.TR Features: 1. Tweet, retweet and reply without browsing Twitter. 2. Be updated instantly with your Twitter friends status updates. 3. Synchronize Twitter friends with matching OUTLOOK contacts. For

BitNami Liferay Stack 6.1.1-1 (linux)  v.1.0

Liferay is a leading open source portal, web content management and collaboration software package.

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